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As a voice teacher, I strive to help my students build a healthy, efficient, reliable technique that frees their voice and supports their artistry.


During my own training as a voice student, I would find myself frustrated when being told how singing ‘should’ sound or feel without an explanation as to how or why. The result was years of chasing after something that I had no real concept of. Becoming a voice teacher has given me the in-depth knowledge of my instrument that I always sought. Now with a diverse 15 years of training under my belt, I teach voice in hopes of helping my students discover and develop their unique instruments.


I base my work in Evidence Based Functional Training because I want to approach the voice from a scientific standpoint in order to take the guessing game out of voice training. The ultimate goal is to help students develop more kinesthetic awareness over their own body and voice. I tell all of my students that the real change will likely happen during their own practice time outside of the voice studio, so making sure that they are able to self-identify what feels most efficient is very important to me. Together with my students, I work to develop an accessible vocabulary that supports how they are experiencing things in their body balanced with the scientific knowledge of what is actually happening with the vocal mechanism. By utilizing a process-oriented approach, I strive to create a space in which progress is the only standard and therefore experimentation and vulnerability are encouraged.


I have also dedicated a large portion of my training to understanding how our mental state has a direct impact on our voice production; therefore I begin all lessons with a check-in to encourage mindfulness with students. By understanding where my student is at mentally from day to day I am better able to know how to direct them in our work. Encouraging this mindfulness within themselves helps students on the path of kinesthetic awareness and ownership over their own body and voice. Ample preparation, consistent practice, and mindfulness will ensure a successful and productive lesson, which in turn will result in successful performances.

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Voice Lessons

Audition Coaching




Youth Theatre 

Full-Time Voice Faculty, Texas State University BFA Musical Theatre

Adjunct Voice Faculty, NYU Steinhardt

Voice Teacher, Actor Therapy Summer Intensive

Vocal Coach, NYU Pop/Rock Ensemble


MM Vocal Performance /

Adv Cert. in Vocal Pedagogy, NYU Steinhardt


BFA Musical Theatre, University of West Florida

Student Shoutouts


Chris Boccaard: Tick in Pricilla Queen of the Desert with Norwegian Cruise Line

Patrick Oliver Jones: Anne of Green Gables at Goodspeed Musicals



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Availability for both in-person and virtual sessions.

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